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Monday, March 1, 2010 @ 6:44 PM

hello... here is the dead blog going to revive soon but not now.. hehes... no time to change or update my blog lor.. hix.. is more tiring than in sec life lor. one whole day in sch, is unlike sec sch..
i now realise something... my blog seems to be one month update one time sio. hahas... LOLS.
ermmm... today got my PO1 (Plant Operation 1) phase test (not the 'face' test hor. wanting, not 'face' test ar, is PHASE test. i knw u will joke with it de.) damn it la. i forget to open two pressure gauge (cant explain, cos if u not study this, u comfirm dun understand.. if u are studying, u will understand wad i mean. [= ) other thing that techer instructed, hmmm... okay la, still able to do..  lucky never trip, if not, i hav to re-test. if u re-test, ur marks will be only half which is only 50% not 100%. i also sunno why too. thanks god. phew~  i think this time round the test comfirm wont get a good marks le.. flare up oso no use. is already tested.. now i hav a little bit worried about my PEQ (Plant Equipment) phase test...
mandy's course seems to be very easy but each course got their easy and difficulties. as i love my course... so i dun hav so much 埋怨 lo.. face reality = face the fulture collegue in ur company.  
well... i shall end m post here.
good bye~


Monday, February 1, 2010 @ 4:50 PM


thanks nicole, peiyi (nicole's fren) & gigi (nicole fren) for the early birthday wish..
thanks amy and ziying for the birthday present & birthday wishes..
thanks joanna for the birthday wish & birthday song..
thanks mandy for the birthday wish..
thanks weiting for the birthday wish and early present (last yr give me le)
thanks shahanaz for the birthday wish..
thanks wanting for the birthday wish..
thanks wenyan for the birthday song & wishes..
thanks shabana, atiqah, raudlah for the birthday wish..
thanks to those who wish me 'happy birthday' at facebook's friends (Jasmine, Qiuqing, Xiao wei, Raudhah, shirley, Eugene, Tiffany, Jielan, Huishi, adam, wanzhen, xinni, xue ting, tsailu etc.. a lot lah.. hahas cant mention all.. if missed anyone, sorry ]= ) ..

thanks you a lot. even dun hav present, is alright.. ^^


Sunday, January 10, 2010 @ 10:27 PM

wow~ time pass really fast... 一转眼2009 is over, 2010 first week is over... life in ITE is totally opp to sec sch life... really miss my time in sec sch life lehx.. worse thing is tml, 11 jan 10, hav to take my O lvl result.. worried~ scare my math cant pass sia. if cant pass de hua, i hav to re-take my math le. no matter what, i must pass my eng and math lor. cos i wan go poly... >< just thinking back on fri, i was really freak out wid my class de chinese boys.. damn &@#%^&%.. cos one of my fierce teacher asking rather they should start lesson or wait for the latecomers.. as latecomer i was included... but i was heng lahh... manage to be in class before she start lesson. cos when she start lesson, those latecomers are to be outside. cant go in to the class lor. so i was lucky lah.. phew~ then those grp of chinese boys say wan to sabotage those latecomers lor.. wth sia.. what do u think if you hav this kind of classmates? not only that, my grp the class rep NVR take my attendance lor. i did come to sch yet he did not mark my attendance. wth.. >< damn angry with my new classmate lah. if i choose, i rather choose my sec sch classmates lor, even though they are disturbance, but they wont do such this lor.
well... i dun wan to talk abt my new class le.. the more i talk the more i freak out.. :X

@ Nicole: pls lahh... i no time to update my blog hao mah? after sch and reach home alr 5 to 6pm le lor.. damn tired and everyday hav to wake up early lehx.. haish...

erms... as for blogskin, i will change when i free~ alright? plsss... do spare me more time.. i really nid more time... i going to prepare my eng o level entrance test soon le.. cos i wanna take o lvl eng and math (maybe going to re-take le cos i dun think i will pass my o lvl math lor TT_TT ) but this two sub happen to be same day and time sio.. what should i do?

okays.. i got to go le.. tml hav to wake up as early as 5am.. sad hor.. LOL.. will be update as soon as possible.. sorry for the dead blog.. T_T  LOL!  good night~ see ya  n_n


Saturday, December 26, 2009 @ 9:59 PM

merry late christmas! LOL.. christmas really nothing big difference for me la.. just like normal days, i not even notice that ytd is x'mas. LOL!
this week really is a 'good' week. ?? so many terrible news coming out. bad one by one coming out! OMG! *in shock*
first, SS501 persona concert is.... CANCELLED! on 20 dec '09, an official news from Do Concert Co.,Ltd that BKK is the last stop. which means, there is no persona concert in SG!!!!! OMG!!! i want to shout like crazy woman le lah... >< arghhhh... what the hell.. earlier on say there is a concert in sg, and now?! there is no concert?! some more, BKK persona concert is change to 13 feb, which is our CNY Eve sia. what is the organiser/the company (DSPent) thinking? OMG!!!!
second, super junior's hankyung wants to terminate his contract?! not only that, (rumours) more than 5 super junior members joining Hankyung in filing lawsuits against SME. Those five members are Kangin, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Donghae and Yesung, according to sina.com, a Chinese online news portal.

well... what's the world going on?! going to come to the end of 2009, 2010 is coming, why is this like that?!

is super junior going to disband?! (NONO!!!) Super junior M is currently disband le, dont tell me suju going to disband too? why this 2009 is bad for everyone? why why why???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT_TT

let's hope that in 2010 can change everything good. alright?


Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 7:06 PM

OMG!!! times flies very fast.. tml is releasing 'N' results le.. i now damn uneasy and worried. >,< i worried till i had a nightmare. T^T i dreamed that i get a F9 for my emath! OMG~ if i really gt F9 for my math, i think i really have nowhere to go liao la. now worry oso no use lor. cos the paper is already done, submit to teacher, 'fly' to cambridge, they even marked it, results is already printed, cant change it anymore lor.. let's pray hard and hope everyone can get a good results. ^^
good luck!